Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I love Star Wars, LOTR's, and many of the new superhero films, but I have always maintained that given a blockbuster budget coupled with new advancements in special effects/digital effects, that a cinematic version of 'Dune' could emerge as the greatest sci-fi/fantasy film ever made. My theory will be put to the test in 2010, as Paramount and Peter Berg (Hancock) are teaming up to make a new adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic, 'Dune' novel. David Lynch's 1984 film adaptation was a noble effort, but special effects technology of the time just couldn't accomadate the scope of Herbert's 'Dune'. The difficulty in creating a successful 'Dune' film has always been in the complexity of the plot, and the telepathic/prescient nature of the player's involved. Particularly difficult is the ability to translate on-screen the Bene Gesserit slight hand and eye gestures that comprise their esoteric language with any sense of credibility (I maintain this can simply be done with subtitles during scenes that involve their communications with one another, rather than the voice-overs used by Lynch). The Sci-Fi Channel did a decent job on this series, but budget constraints prevented them from involving the technical and creative talent necessary to translate Herbert's literary brilliance and grandeur on-screen.

My excitement about Peter Berg directing this partly hinges on my anticipation that he will once again team up with visual effects supervisor John Dykstra. Dykstra is responsible for seamlessly grafting the on-set action sequences in 'Hancock' with digital effects. Too often the correlation of actors with cg is an eyesore- not so with Dykstra. He was also the visual effects supervisor for Spider Man (I and II), and 'Inglourious Basterds' (along with a slew of other films, see his profile on IMDB for the full list). In order for this film to be effective it must be at least 2 1/2 hours long, with the full intention of a trilogy. There are just too many plots, schemes, and "plans within plans" to cram into one 'Dune' film.

The perfect storm is brewing for the greatest science fiction story ever told to be translated into one of the greatest science fiction movies (and hopefully trilogies) ever! Eat your heart out George "Toy Boy" Lucas (credit Smith's Clerks II) and Peter Jackson- Dune is on the horizon.

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