Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminator Salvation (McG 2009)

This was a decent sci-fi flick that felt like it missed the mark because of all the hype. Mario Kassar's, "Terminator", franchise has been at the forefront of special effects technology in film for the past three decades. The fourth edition had most of what the others had, but didn't do anything in the way of new techniques or groundbreaking effects. That would have been fine, given that 'T2' was light years ahead of special effects techniques, and part of the new wave of 100 million dollar big-action blockbusters, if 'Salvation' would have given more in the way of dramatic performance, or injecting life into the weird notion of a futuristic prequel. Unfortunately, 'Salvation' missed the mark on every scale of measurement, with the exception of chase action sequences. If you love watching apocalyptic resistance fighters dodge bullets, then 'Terminator Salvation' is for you. Shiny things, big fires, and fully automatic rifles with endless ammo, and bullet dodging. At least even in the far-fetched world of, 'Terminator', they didn't fathom incorporating the curved-bullet concept and all of the ridiculous science that goes into that (see, "Wanted"). My bottom line on this film is that it was interesting, until you realized that there would be nothing more to this film than shiny things and Christian Bale on the run. Not a total waste of time, but not highly recommended. You could stand to wait for this one to come out on dvd.


Blogger Joseph B. said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm really torn on this one. Several of the Aint It Cool guys (including Harry) trashed this film, calling it a disgrace to the franchise and featuring a performance from Bale that elicits nothing from the viewer. C'mon, these are giddy fanboys who were let down by the film. That's not good at all. I've read others who call it no big deal either. But then I'm thinking... this is a Terminator movie and HAS to be seen on the big screen. I don't know if I'll see it yet or not.

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