Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Prediction 2009

Arizona 27

Pittsburgh 20

Arizona jumps up early. Big Ben makes 3 turnovers trying to come back. Kurt Warner MVP.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Utah's Sweet Victory Over SEC Powerhouse Alabama

First off, I'm biased. I went to the University of Utah. I'm not going to start ranting about Utah's right to be crowned the AP National Champs. I do have a couple of rants about some of the pre-game coverage, and the lack of respect shown the Utes during that coverage. Hats off to Herbstreet, as he at least gave the Utes a chance. Then there is Barry Switzer. The only thing that would make Utah's victory over 'Bama in the Sugar Bowl sweeter would be to acquire the off-air video of Barry Switzer during the game. Switzer made the pre-game statement that Alabama wouldn't have recruited any of Utah's players out of high school. I don't even dispute the point he was making, it was his smug attitude while he was making those remarks that burned me up. I love how these old school, salty-dog coaches like Switzer and Holtz automatically dismiss schools like Utah, BYU, Boise St., TCU etc just because they aren't a part of NCAA's good 'ole boy system. The amazing thing to me is that Utah and other Mountain West Conference schools, and the Boise States can play with, and sometimes beat SEC, Big 12, and Big 10 schools despite the obvious disadvantages they have in recruiting top tier players. Every conference has it's up years and down years, and if anyone was watching the Mountain West Conference this year (I'm going to assume Switzer never watched a single quarter of MWC football), they would have seen that this year the Mountain West was tougher than a few of the BCS conferences. I believe TCU would have beaten Alabama as well. For crying out loud Wyoming went to Tennessee and beat them! Even the Wyoming win for Utah was no gimme game. I'm not going to say that Utah would have gone undefeated in the SEC, but then, the only team that was undefeated in the SEC was Alabama (as Saban put it, undefeated in a, "real" conference). We all saw what Utah did to Alabama. Utah made Alabama look like they didn't even belong in the same class. I hope the millions of people that watched this Sugar Bowl will realize that the Mountain West is for real. Ask Florida Gators coach Urban Myer (Utah's coach when he went undefeated 3 years ago) if he thinks going undefeated in the Mountain West is an easy feat. We'll see what happens Thursday, but I believe the only team in the country that beats this Utah team is Florida, and that game could go either way. Without a playoff system we will never know. Go Utes!