Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mike Shanahan Fired

I would have loved to end the year with a post about the Broncos' prospects in the playoffs. Instead I am addressing Shanahan's firing, following one of the worst regular season losses by Denver in the last decade. I'm sad to see Mike go. He did so much for Denver, bringing them out of their early to mid-nineties funk under Wade Phillips. I have always admired some of his gutsy offensive playcalling, and the leadership, class, and dignity he brought to the team. He will be missed. All to often firing a coach is an unnecessary hair-trigger response to losing. The Bronco Nation will forever be indebted to the Shanahan era for bringing us our first Super Bowl victory. Sure, it was Elway's team. We could have never won without that crushing defense led by Romanoski, or the Hall of Fame efforts of Davis and Sharpe. But there are many teams out there with marquee talent that don't win Super Bowls (see this year's Cowboys). Shanahan maximized the effectiveness of that Hall of Fame talent to bring two Championships, and a string of playoff appearances. One stat that may justify the need for change in Denver is that Shanahan has only won one playoff game since Elway left. I would have been happy to see Shanahan retire with Denver, but maybe change is needed. I wish him the best in his future endeavors. I can only hope he doesn't coach for another AFC West team. Best wishes, Mike!