Thursday, October 23, 2008

Saw V (Hackl, 2008)

Saw V is Saw IV. Saw IV is Saw III. Saw III is Saw II. Etcetera, etcetera. By the way, Saw is Saw V. Take every script, change some characters, throw in a plot twist at the end, and you've got Saw VI. It wouldn't be so bad if they went in a completely different direction, I dunno, something good. Now that audiences are desensitized to the torture porn phenomena, film makers are going to either have to up the ante on grotesque, stomach-turning torture (not a direction I recommend), or return to creating fear through ambience and suspense. The Saw franchise was tired after episode III. The only reason they are selling tickets to Saw V is the timing of the release. It's Halloween, and people are craving a scare. So what if they leave dissappointed, they're still leaving with less money in their pocket than when they showed up to the cinema. The film studios win once again. They just crank out a film from the Saw franchise film factory, and the hordes slowly creep in. If the audiences that fill the theatres to see another Saw title were to be filmed, you might get a good trailer for a new zombie flick. Come to think of it, I thought I heard some muffled, moaning cries for, 'brains' on my way into the theatre last night. Creepy.


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