Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

From Walid Phares' book, 'The Confrontation: Winning the War Against Future Jihad'.

"Ironically, the deepest, broadest socioeconomic root of Jihadism in the Middle East is the rich regimes' practice of depriving their masses of the benefits of the region's enormous wealth; instead of guiding the region toward modernity, they have deliberately pushed it backward. It is not the wealthy West that keeps the Middle East poor, it is the rich segment of the Middle East itself that does so. Instead of offering youngsters education, they have provided indoctrination, raising a generation not of doctors and lawyers but of Jihadists and suicide bombers." pg 31

"A popular theory among some elite critics of the U.S. intervention in Iraq argues that the war was all about direct seizure of oil. In fact, the era of intervening lawlessly and seizing natural resources in other countries- as was the case in the nineteenth century- is over. First, international law forbids it, but more important is the fact that the economy of oil is open. Saddam's and any other regime were selling petroleum at will. The real oil dimension nowadays is that as a result of American and Western companies' deals with oil producing regimes, U.S. policy has been affected and human rights have been abandoned." pg 69

I recommend going to for further reading on the global threat of Jihadism.


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