Friday, June 06, 2008

The Strangers (Bertino, 2008)

This one is a gem. Simple, short, sweet, and creepy as hell. That sums up Bertino's, "The Strangers". This is one of the most down-to-earth horror movies I've seen in a while. No weird, supernatural, schizoid explanations for the terror- just overwhelmingly eery. Strangers plays on our sense of well-being; we are not as safe as we think we are, even in our own home. Bertino uses sound and lighting to create a mood that is unnerving, and continuously speaks to the impending doom that each scene foretells. This film was rare in that it was completely true to the trailer- if you thought the trailer was creepy, then you'll think Strangers is creepy. If you're too cynical to enjoy an old-fashioned horror movie (minus the excessive gore), then you won't enjoy Strangers. Either way, with the trailer what you see is what you get. Bertino doesn't stray from the central theme of the trailer- a couple in a house, being tormented by Strangers. He keeps pace throughout- when it was time to wrap things up, he did so. This one doesn't drag things out like many horror movies, which start out strong, then flicker and die. Finally a horror movie that doesn't play to the cop-out ending! 'Keep it simple stupid'- I wish more directors would stick to that mantra when making horror movies. Highly recommended!