Friday, April 18, 2008

Prom Night (McCormick, 2008)

I feel the need to explain myself on this one. Kate and I were looking at our options a few days ago. We were deciding what movie we wanted to see (we decided upon Leatherheads, and made a good choice). During our search, we happened upon the, "Prom Night" trailer. We both looked at each other and laughed. Fast-forward to tonight. Kate is at another tattoo studio, working out of town. I'm at the house, reading blogs, listening to talk radio, and going stir crazy. I then realize that my Friday night can either be spent watching movies that I love and own (ie movies I've seen a thousand times), or staring at Odorous Jr. OJO's a cool dog, but he's light on conversation. I start looking at movies and showtimes, and realize I've either seen it, or I know it's going to suck. Those were my options. I narrowed the list of crap movies down to, "88 Minutes", and "Prom Night". My logic went something like, "well, Prom Night is going to suck, but it's a horror film". A bad horror movie is always better to me than a so-so drama/action/adventure/drama-action-adventure-romantic-comedy. It's 9:22pm, and the movie theater is 3o minutes away. I have 28 minutes until I miss the trailers (I am in total fear of missing the trailers because they may be the best part of my movie night). I told OJO to watch the place, and then I jet. I listen to Radio Classics on XM, as they replay a Sherlock Holmes episode from the forties. I arrive in the nick of time. Popcorn, check. Coke, check. Assure myself that there is no error made by the theater employee; popcorn and drink are, in fact, more expensive than the price of admission. Check. The movie experience is already bad, as I realize I have indeed missed the previews. There I sat, watching a bad film that I knew would be bad, but not kicking myself because I knew I had to know, or else I would have wondered all night, thinking, "surely it would have been better to see Prom Night instead of sitting here with OJO". Forty-five minutes in, I'm wondering what I'm missing on XM radio's, Radio Classics. Fifty minutes in, I'm walking out of the theater. I've only walked out of about three movies- Stallone's, "Driven", some flick I can't remember, and "Prom Night". I drove home listening to the sound of wind, hoping to erase from my mind that last hour of my life. I'm now home, with twenty bucks less in my pocket, a couple less gallons in my car, and infinitely more willing to sit and watch a movie with OJO. Why did I tell you all this? Because it only takes one word to sum up, "Prom Night", and I felt like writing more than a word.


Blogger Joseph B. said...

One of the funniest things you've written. I love it. "Told OJO to watch the place and I split" plus the bit about ensuring the snacks were as much as the movie. Great stuff, man.

And if you see one movie in the next few weeks, rent "The Orphanage" out on DVD today. GREAT ghost flick.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Chris Allen Gaubatz said...

Thanks, I'll definately check it out.

9:53 AM  

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