Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sandworms of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

The final entry in the Dune sage was a bittersweet experience. I truly enjoyed reading "Sandworms of Dune", but was sad when I read the last page. Even though Herbert and KJA could not match Frank Herbert's style (I didn't expect them to), I think they've done a fantastic job with "Hunters of Dune", and "Sandworms of Dune". If you liked "Hunters of Dune", then you will enjoy the last installment. I preferred 'Sandworms' more because the scope of the plot was tighter than 'Hunters'. The book focuses primarily on the no-ship that Duncan Idaho, Murbella, and the ghola children inhabit as they travel the universe on the run from the tachyon net. I was impressed at how the authors neatly closed up the Dune saga. I expected a lot of loose ends, and that wasn't the case. The original 'Dune' canon, by Frank Herbert has yet to be matched by anyone in the sci-fi community, but I'm pleased that Brian Herbert and KJA put some closure to the saga with "Hunters of Dune", and "Sandworms of Dune".


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