Sunday, March 30, 2008

Doomsday (Marshall 2008)

This is a fun flick for the casual movie-goer. I'm sure critics will hate, "Doomsday", but I had a great time with it. Even though parts of, "Doomsday" come off as cheesy, Marshall's obvious tongue-in-cheek approach to many scenes gave me the impression that the occasional "cheese" scene was purposeful and all in good fun. I haven't seen, "Mad Max" in a long time, but this movie reminded me of a vamped-up version of that (modernized). The plot is simple: a virus in Scotland is dealt with by the UK government by closing off the infected area via a fence. Those infected are left in the area to die; no one in, no one out. The strength of this movie is not in it's plot, but in it's action and humor. Most of the violent scenes are offset with subtle humor.

My favorite aspect of this film was not in the plot, action, or humor. My favorite scenes involved the small role of Viper, played by Lee-Ann Liebenberg. According to my limited research on her (involving a couple quick google searches), she is a model that was featured on FHM in 2005 as their model of the year. Her picture is displayed on this blog entry. Every move she made was dark and sexy. If there was a violent, mature version of a GI-Joe movie, she would play one of Zartan's minions. I'll be paying attention to her career going forward, and will be a slave to the box office in her future features.


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