Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Election 2008: Quick Rants

Media Coverage-

-Have you heard any of the pundits mention that Romney is leading all Republican candidates in delegates for the nomination? I haven't either. The only thing I've heard is that he's finished second in Iowa and New Hampshire (as if second doesn't get any delegates), and they rarely if ever mention Wyoming. The raw numbers say that more people in all of the states that have voted have voted for Romney- hence he has more delegates. The conversation about Romney's bid for the nomination goes like this, "Romney gets two silver medals, meaning he didn't win. His campaign desperately needs to win Michigan". A second in Michigan will still leave this race a dead heat, because the race is for the most delegates, not the most wins in every state. What does it matter if, like Pastor Huckabee, a candidate wins one state, and then gets a distant third, or fourth in the next three states? Consistency wins delegates.

Racism vs Sexism-

-I'm going to assume you follow politics if you're taking the time to read this, so I'm not going to detail every he said, she said aspect of this debate. I can settle this debate by simply defining two terms. Term one: Racism. Racism is the belief in the inherent superiority of one race over another, or one ethnicity over another. Some examples of racism would be making a comment like, "I believe that green people are better than blue people, because the genetic make-up of green people is inherently superior to blue people". A couple of examples of what is not racism, are as follows: "That person wrote in his book that he took drugs when he was younger". "That person's middle name is Hussein".
Sexism. According to dictionary.com, the definition of sexism is: attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles. Talking about someone's stance on the war in Iraq, or opposing someone for the nomination of the Democratic Party's primary election does not constitute sexism. This debate between the Hussein camp and the Clinton camp is simply lame. There is a lot of nay-saying about the other candidates, but not once has anyone crossed the line by saying anything racist or sexist. This is just media hype to sell papers, radio and tv ads.


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