Thursday, September 20, 2007

Halloween (Zombie, 2007)

Zombie's films provoke opinions at the extreme ends of the spectrum. Usually people are either ecstatic at having been a part of the Rob Zombie film experience, or thoroughly turned off by it. What annoys me is when people go into a Zombie film and expect a critically acclaimed film. I don't think Zombie's work is necessarily mind-blowing, but it is different than most of the reel-fodder excreting from the industry right now. While I can appreciate negative takes on "Halloween", articulated nicely by my buddy Joe, I still feel like people that give this film horrible reviews are taking the wrong approach. Unless you were born on Mars, raised on Pluto, and just moved here the day of this films release you should already be aware of what you are getting into. I knew going in what I was getting into- and it wasn't an academy award winning film. It's "Halloween". The original was an above average Carpenter film project that caught peoples attention because of the universal theme of the "boogeyman" and a catchy theme song. The "Halloween" franchise, including Zombie's new take, is for people that love the horror genre, or the casual viewer that just wants a bag of popcorn and a cheap scare. From that perspective Zombie gives viewers an above average movie experience in "Halloween" by giving the franchise an interesting background story while fulfilling their desire for stylish, gory, and horrific murder scenes. Say what you will about Zombie, but at least "House of a 1000 Corpses", "The Devils Rejects", and "Halloween" are fresh approaches to an otherwise stale genre. Eli Roth isn't panning out as the new prophet of horror- someone who will lead the genre into a new age of original concepts and a fresh approach. He comes off to me as a film snob with a horror fetish. Zombie seems to be the "peoples" slasher director. He will never be appreciated by the those that masterbate to "Film Comment", but he delivers what the horror crowd and the general viewer expect when they pay the ungodly ticket prices and popcorn tax- fresh gore, tongue-in-cheek laughs, and a good time. If you expect more than that from a Zombie flick then you will be disappointed every time.