Saturday, May 05, 2007

This Just In: Two Wrongs Do Make A Right

I was with a friend at the Rocky Mount DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles). While at the information desk, I noticed a sign inviting people to start a career with the DMV. I read the sign with the same zeal one would read a cereal box's nutritional value index. Then I got to a part that chapped my ass. The following quote is word for word, "women, minorities, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply". Nice. I guess the government feels it is their responsibility to right the wrongs of the past by using reverse discrimination. I wonder what the reaction would be if a private business were to post a job lising that read something like this,

"Help Wanted: Healthy White Males are encouraged to apply.

Oh, wait, that would be illegal. Only the state and federal government is allowed to discriminate when it comes to employment. It never changes.


Anonymous cb said...

thats so true

10:01 PM  

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