Monday, May 28, 2007

Bug (Friedkin, 2006)

I consider, "The Exorcist" to be the all-around best horror movie of all time, so you can imagine how excited I was to see another Friedkin horror flick. Not only did this movie not disappoint, but it greatly surpassed my expectations. Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon were absolutely phenomenal! During the first third of the movie I began to reflect on why, "The Exorcist" was such a classic. Set-up. Friedkin actually takes the time to familarize the audience with the characters in such an intimate way that when the shit hits the fan we actually give a damn. "Bug" was no exception. After a series of smooth, quirky, quit-witted verbal exchanges between Agnes (Judd) and Peter (Shannon), we are treated to a lascivious, sweaty, flesh-romp of a sex scene that leads directly into the 'Bug' dilemma. Friedkin nailed the timing of this movie from the beginning, including his brilliant usage of Harry Connick Jr. as the angst-ridden ex-con boyfriend. There are only four main actors in "Bug", each fits right into their role with perfect ease. The gut-wrenching gore really hit the spot after Friedkin's superb character set-up. I'm not suggesting this is the best flick of all time, but it's definately worth the price of admission, and I will be buying this as soon as it is released on DVD. OJO gives this two barks and a couple paws way up!


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