Thursday, May 24, 2007

Black Christmas (2006)

I begrudgingly watched this over the weekend, despite the overwhelming number of lackluster reviews and my own disdain for remakes. Being an avid horror/sci-fi fan, however, I feel a sick compulsion to watch everything I can regardless of other peoples opinions. Before I give you my tagline review of Black Christmas (2006), let me preface by saying that I give every horror movie the benefit of the doubt. I love the genre so much that as long as the most basic elements of horror (gore, tna, and storytelling etc) are present then I will consider the movie a success for at least keeping me entertained for 90-120 minutes. So, here goes-

This Movie SUCKS!!

Torn optic nerves, sorority babes, and a jaundiced serial killer sounds great (as far as horror films go), until you put the project in the hands of "Mr. I've made two films and both are shitty remakes ie Willard, Black Christmas" Glen Morgan. Glen, you're career is over. If any executive producer gets drunk or high enough to give you a third chance at making a decent movie that actually makes money, maybe you should consider creating your own art instead of copying other peoples work. Obviously you can't remake a film that is watchable. If you make an original movie then even if it sucks as bad as Willard and Black Christmas, at least you won't have trampled someone elses work, and your failure can be pinned directly on your shoulders without pock-marking someone elses art.


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