Thursday, September 14, 2006

Vocabulary: One Day At A Time

English has always been my strongest subject. When I was younger, I used to keep 3 x 5 cards with me whenever I was reading. If I came across a word that I didn't understand I would write it on a card. Then I would look the word up and write the definition on the back of the card. Eventually I had several stacks of homemade flashcards to help me build my vocabulary. In the past few years I've gotten out of that habit. About a week ago I was looking up a word on, and I saw a link for the "Word of the Day". When you sign up for it (which I did), emails you a word a day. The email includes the definition, some information about the origin of the word, and a few examples of how the word can be used in a sentence. It's free (really free, not like, which is free, except for the monthly fee they charge you)! If any of you fellow bloggers out there are like me, you have bigger aspirations for writing (novels, essays, short stories, screenplays etc) and are using the blog to "sharpen the saw". I know this will help me beef up the vocab, and maybe it can help you too. Also, National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us, and we'll need all the words we can get to reach that 50,000 word mark in one month!


Blogger Chris Allen Gaubatz said...

FYI: The words that I've received via email this past week from are: pervicacious, tetchy, suasion, erudite, fanfaronade, vade mecum, and pejorative.

7:34 AM  

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