Monday, September 18, 2006

OJO Ain't No Sissy

So it was time to take 'ole OGEE (pronounced oh-jee) to the vet today. He had to get his heartworm, frontline meds, and get his ear checked. FYI: OJO weighed in at a lean 59.1 lbs. The vet tech commented on how strong his legs are; tell us somethin' we don't know! Horses get jealous of how strong OJ's powerful legs are! If they'd let him, he could beat any horse or greyhound in a race- and that's a promise! I digress. This office has seen Odorous before. I know he's embarrassed to admit this, but he gets his toe-nails clipped. Believe me, if he had his way, he wouldn't. When I took him in the backroom to get his ear checked out, the vet tech brought in a muzzle. I asked if he had needed that in the past (I don't go back with him when he gets his nails clipped because he doesn't like me to see him like that). She smiled and said that when OJO gets his nails clipped it takes three people to hold him down! I couldn't help but laugh, the problem was, it was just me and her, and she explained that she would be needing to use a rectal thermometer on Ogee! I've never held down a 300lb gorilla before, but I imagine it would be no different than holding 'ole OJO down while the tech probed him alien style! Poor fella- he had a rectal temp, a blood test (needle), ear swab, and muzzle on today; it's been a rough day for Trashcan Odorous Jr! No need to worry though- OJO's as healthy as a world class pugilist specialist- and stronger too! Just remember- just because OJ'er gets his nails clipped doesn't mean he's soft; OJ ain't no sissy!


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