Friday, September 22, 2006

I Paid the "Stupid Tax"

I'm in a convenience store the other day, and see a cool looking card with aliens and UFO's. Of course I knew it wasn't a card, but a lottery scratch off. They've finally made a ticket that will lure in the sci-fi crowd. I proceeded to go the clerk and ask for the ticket called, "Little Green Men". It's a $2 ticket. I went outside with my Red Bull in one hand and "Little Green Men" in the other. I scratched the ticket; of course I didn't win. I felt dirty and stupid. I had just paid the stupid tax. Lottery, beer, and cigarrette taxes are largely aimed at getting back the money refunded to low and middle income earners on their state and federal income tax returns. I don't smoke or drink, but those little green men got me to pay the "Stupid Tax", and hopefully I'll never pay it again.


Anonymous cb said...

everybody does it

9:45 PM  

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