Sunday, September 17, 2006

House MD Meets X-Files

If you missed last week's "House", and you're a sci-fi fan, then I really feel sorry for you! You missed out big time! Last week's episode was the most bizarre "House" installment to date (including last year's season finale). A young boy is abducted, anal probed, and dumped in front of his house face down. His parents take him in, and because of the weirdness factor, and combined with the fact that his symptoms are inexplicable- House, MD is called in to save the day. I'm not going to recap the whole story, suffice to say that it's a strange one, and House is on top of his game, as usual.


Ok, for those of you that saw this episode, a few points from OJO. I really wanted this one to remain unexplained, perhaps with a follow-up story later on. I feel like this episode would have given them a chance to really set the stage for a monster follow-up episode, along the lines of, "will they figure out the mystery of the anal probed-kid?" You get the idea. It's starting to get to the point where House and crew need to be wrong, or unable to answer every medical conundrum that comes before them. The whole concept of House and team being medically infallible will start to wear thin.
Also, House is slipping right back into addiction. Any thoughts on that?


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