Monday, August 28, 2006

Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

"Dark Fury" is the animation short that bridges Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. I saw both "Pitch Black" and 'Chronicles' when they came out, and really loved both for different reasons. These two films are severely underrated amongst the ranks of sci-fi fandom. Anyway. I have this habit of seeing things years after they come out. I guess I like to let the dust settle, or maybe I'm a cinematic procrastinator. I actually feel like I missed out by not seeing 'Dark Fury' before 'Chronicles'. Don't misunderstand me- 'Dark Fury' isn't necessary when it comes to glueing Riddick's tale together. It isn't even technically or visually stimulating. What 'Dark Fury' did for me was dig deeper into the psyche of the main characters of the two films. In "Pitch Black" we got an intimate tour of Riddicks mind and nature. In the first edition of the 'Riddick' epoch, there is a blatant, gaping contrast of imagery and emotion. The scenes are either bathed in blinding white light, or drenched in shadowy black. The contrast of the imagery reflects the dark and light side of Riddick's character.

"Chronicles of Riddick" is more ambitious in scope than "Pitch Black", and the tone morphs from "creature feature" into something quite literally universal in scale. Nestled neatly in-between the two is "Dark Fury". Forget the action scenes, the blood, the sexual undertones- this is a character piece. It has been touted as a bridge to enhance the plot line of "Chronicles of Riddick", but what it did for me was segway deeper into the mind of Riddick. Not only into the mind of Riddick, but into the mind of the universe. Sitting on that throne in the final shot of "Chronicles of Riddick", we don't know if the universe will be headed toward the light or the dark. We've seen Riddick flourish wearing the mask of good and evil, and the epoch ends with the universe hanging in the balance of the fickle whims of a madman and a saint. Riddick is the ultimate allegory for chaos theory.


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Here's a great rundown!: The Chronicles of Riddick

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