Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Chronicles of Easter

Forget what you thought you knew about Easter! I had a chance to sit down with french director Jean Jeancois to discuss his upcoming project, 'The Chronicles of Easter'. He reviewed the script with me, and I was fascinated at his ability to forge a dark bizzarro tale of mystery and intrigue, while staying true to the french wild west themes he is known for. 'Easter' takes place in an alternate universe where the american wild west coming-of-age occurs during pre-historic times, in france, during an alien reconaissance of Earth- a recon which will determine the ET's timetable for invasion. While the plot is daring, grandiose, and extremely ambitious, Jeancoise was careful not to allow the gargantuan task of large-scale plot arrangements to get in the way of intense character development. He describes his main character, 'Easter', as a self-loathing, toe-nail biting, con-artist, that is constantly searching for purpose within his tribe of hunter-gatherer, outlaw, french bandits. During a solo forage near a pond, he runs into a Velociraptor named Tito. Tito convinces him, through telepathy, to join him on a quest to Egypt. Tito has been summoned by the Dino-God 'Dillibedido' to journey to the innards of Egypt- he has no idea why. Upon arriving in Egypt, Tito and Easter come up on a massive construction project run by gray, almond-eyed aliens- they are building something feline-like in the middle of the desert. Tito knows it is a sign from Dellibedido- they must now form a band of Raptor-riding frenchman to take on these strange aggressors from outer-space.
Unfortunately, that is all I am allowed to reveal about this story because it is still in pre-production, and I assured Jean Jeancois that I would not reveal too much about this groundbreaking french epoch! Much thanks to Jeancois for letting me in on this gem, and I look forward to frequent updates on this project!


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