Monday, July 03, 2006

Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity

I'm officially on a B-movie kick! With so many movies out there that take themselves way too seriously, it's nice to just sit back and watch some old-fashioned B-budget skinema. This one starts out with two slave girls that escape from their prison cells, and board one of their captor's spaceships. Fortunately these spaceships are user friendly, and the bikini clothed slave-babes are quickly able to figure out the controls. Their new found freedom doesn't last long though, because they happen to crashland in the jungle of a planet ruled by Zen. Zen's forte is luring young ex-slavers in bikini's into his jungle palace, chaining them up, and turning them loose into the jungle to hunt for sport. This movie was so fast-paced that our young heroines never had the time to change out of their cloth bikini's. Of all the horrendous dialogue, my favorite exchange went something like this, "Oh, if only we had a knife". Her captive accomplice then pulls out a twelve inch switchblade and says, "you mean, something like this". "Perfect", she replies. Perfect indeed. This film also had bickering androids, laser crossbows, grotesque mutants, and did I mention skin? Fortunately I won't have to re-think my top ten sci-fi list after this one, but when I decide to put a top ten B-Movie skinema with bad dialogue list together- this will be number one.


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