Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kings Dominion

I just got back from a trip to King's Dominion with my aunt Sandra and two cousins (Erin and Maegan). We had a great time! Hypersonic was my favorite ride, even though it only lasted 3.5 seconds! Rather than describe the ride myself, I'll just do the 'ole copy and paste from Paramount's Kings Dominion website:

"HyperSonic XLC is the only compressed-air launch coaster in the United States. Unique acceleration, zero gravity airtime and free-fall sensations combine to make HyperSonic an incredible coaster experience. Pneumatic tires and specially designed shock absorbers provide an unbelievably smooth ride that must be experienced."

What the description doesn't say is that at least half of the people in each eight-person car comes off the ride looking nauseous and dazed. My other favorite ride was the 'Volcano'.

The Kings Dominion description of 'Volcano' is as follows:

"It's the only coaster in the world to shoot you straight out of a raging volcano! Suspended from a steel track, you'll fly in and out of the rumbling mountain at speeds over 70 mph, then rocket 155 feet out of the top of the crater into a series of heart stopping inversions before a final 80-foot plummet. This is one of the world's fastest suspended coasters!"

Good times! The highlight of the trip had nothing to do with the rides- it was watching Erin stuff pieces of cotton candy into Maegan's mouth while she was sleeping in the backseat (on the ride home). Sweet dreams Maegan!


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