Monday, June 19, 2006

Tool: 10,000 Days

Tool. If you're a fan like me, that's all you need to say when someone asks what kind of music you like. Tool is a genre unto themselves, a lone island in a desolate sea of metal-mediocrity. With their release of '10,000 Days' they have once again surpassed high expectations- from a band that has never failed to deliver a unique must-have album. Each Tool album is a journey- taking their listener through the ebb and flow of the subconcious with shadowy riffs of lulling melody, to hectic, rythmic chaos. I bought '10,000 Days' when it first came out (5-2-2006), but it has taken me a while to savor and digest. This one caught and held my attention from the opening song, with it's scathing assessment of our tragedy obsessed culture, through to the reverberating conclusion. '10,000 Days' evokes spine-tingling transitions that go from radiating waves of meditative energy to adrenaline inducing eruptions. If you've never listened to Tool, this album is as good an introduction as any of their others, but be warned- Tool's '10,000 Days' will leave your mind stirring and your skin crawling.


Blogger Joseph B. said...

I need to give Tool a listen. I admit to only hearing chunks and pieces on the radio and portions of their cd long ago.

9:49 PM  

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