Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Omen: Haven't I Seen This Before?

There's nothing new about Hollywood remakes. At the pace they're going, though, remakes will eventually outnumber original concepts! Today the big release is Omen. You remember that cheeky little kid, Damien, the one that happens to be the anti-christ. Well, apparently Hollywood feels that they can capitalize on the publicity of June 6, 2006 (get your little orphan annie decoder pens out) 6-6-6. Unfortunately, I believe the release date of The Omen will be the only highlight of the film. If this film is anything like other recent horror remakes, it won't be worth the price of admission.
For some reason, the remake frenzy is most popular in the horror genre. I have a wacky idea for filmmakers out there, how about making original movies, from original screenplays, from original concepts! Of all the remakes of horror movies in the past few years, the only one that was actually better than the original was 'Dawn of the Dead'. Most of the horror remakes I've seen only make me appreciate the originals more. The Fog, House of Wax, When a Stranger Calls, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House on Haunted Hill, The Amityville Horror, Psycho, etc, etc. Do you know what all those movies have in common? All of the originals were good to classic, and all the remakes were complete garbage! Garbage. Not to fear, there is a new slew of remakes already on the table, and they promise to be mediocre compared to the original. Kudos to guys like Eli Roth and Rob Zombie. Cabin Fever, Hostel, House of 1000 Corpses, and the Devil's Rejects were refreshingly original, and the horror genre is dying for fresh blood.


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