Thursday, June 01, 2006

Odorous Jr's Top Ten Horror Movies


Blogger The Day Late Mr. Right said...

I find it rather comical that you assaulted MY top ten of horror movies. Now for those who don't read my blog, I picked the remake of TCM over the original which got this gentleman bothered. Ok I understand why that bothers you, BUT BLASPHEMY!? The original is messed up yeah it's a little scary yeah, but in the end it's really a lot of build up for very little action. There are like three decent scenes in the movie whereas in the remake the action is just well paced.

Now onto your top ten. What a joke. Some of your movies have merit (Night of the living dead, Freaks, Poltergeist is iffy but ok). I haven't seen all the films I'll admit it, so my issues are only four fold

1. Event Horizon? That film gets a B- as a horror film at best, any film that requires an astro-physics degree to fully understand it isn't worth it. Interesting concept with a poor delivery.

2. You exclude so many classics. You don't have Halloween, the quintessential slasher. No Stephen King spurred films. Just poor form really.

3. You kind of contradict your assault on me by picking Evil Dead II over the original, not a remake, but a sequel same difference....also too bad both are boring and only moderately interesting

4. The original exorcist? You kidding? That movie is a horror film? I thought it was a comedy, I laughed the whole way through. Everything in there is so over the top it loses all credibility. Exorcist III is much scarier

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