Thursday, June 15, 2006

ECW on Sci-Fi: An Accidental Viewing

I habitually clicked on the Sci-Fi channel to see what was 'a brewin'. It took me a grand total of 2 seconds to realize that something wasn't right. I realized I wasn't watching a typical Sci-Fi channel original feature. I saw what appeared to be the stereotypical 'ex-con, just off a stretch of 10-to-life' dude beating another 'gladiator' (I use the term in the lightest sense possible) with a stick. I watched ECW with a morbid curiousity, paramount to having my eyeballs sucked into an infomercial for two hours. Wrestling is an overwhelming display of the kind of cheese-bravado that every male can relate to- when we are 12! I watched ECW on Sci-Fi for a good ten minutes. Those ten minutes of my life are gone forever, but they will be well worth it if I can save another person just one minute of that awful waste of brain-melting time. I recommend taking a cheese-grater to your knuckles before tuning into Sci-Fi channel's ratings sellout. It's nice to see that the Sci-Fi channel is alienating it's true genre fans in favor of the not-so-cerebral 'wrassling' fanatic. If they keep bumping Sci-Fi genre material for non-genre ratings boosters, the channel will end like MTV- music television, minus the music.


Anonymous Gordon Zwerk said...

O.K. I understand what you're saying. For one thing though, the ECW thing works both ways. It hopefully brings new fans over to ECW and maybe it'll bring wrestling fans over to the Sci Fi network. Honestly, we all know the Sci Fi network doesn't really have any show that even comes close to competing in the ratings.

Oh and for all us "wrasslin" fans out there, I am offended that you would refer to us as ignorant. I've been a wrestling fan since I was a small child. I'm also a Sci Fi fan. Stereo-types suck.

4:47 AM  

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