Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Decoding the Hoop-La Over Da Vinci

With last week's release of the screen version of Dan Brown's Da Vinci code, there didn't seem to be anything else to discuss. Every channel, from the news networks to the history channel had a spot relating to the film. The only channels that stayed out of the fray were QVC and the 'Food Network' (although a spot about Da Vinci's favorite dishes would have helped them fit the network 'Theme 'O the Week). Having never read Brown's book, I wondered what could possibly get everyone's panties in a bunch. In the middle of one of the news networks discussion panels, which included some obviously distraught theologians, I decided to run to the computer and check one thing before my blood pressure began to rise along with what seemed to be the rest of the God-fearing world. It only took a quick google search to put to rest all of the verbose, squabbling, talking heads. Google came through for me once again. There it was, in bold letters. I felt like a genius for my ability to solve the Da Vinci debate once and for all. The code to the Davinci debate was a mere seven letters from the english alphabet. It appeared in the 'Category' description on Randomhouse' website. Behold, the 'Holy Grail' of the Da Vinci debate surrounding Dan Brown's book is: Fiction. Here is the link, for those of you who thought this was indeed an historical document that could bring down the very foundations of Christianity.

Epilogue: I just finished the book yesterday, and as far as fictional thrillers go, it wasn't all that bad.